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Writing Vs Housework 
Well I'm sorry about that I never did add another entry - I really did have a good day of writing and the dragon story moves onward. Chapter seven is in progress. I expect when I've finished and read the story all the way through I will realize what a load of drivel I have written. It is great escapism though! Beats doing the housework any day - but there again anything beats doing the housework. I have a fridge magnet which quotes,'Doing housework is like threading beads onto a string with no knot on the end.' How true, I find I clean and tidy one room only to turn round and notice another room that needs the attention of the hoover and a duster! Not to mention the garden. When I was going out to work I just seemed to get 'stuck into' the cleaning etc. on my days off but I find the more time I have the more I find an excuse to put it off till tomorrow. I have to many more important or more enjoyable things to fill my time. I have no chance of getting bored in my retirement.


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Creative Writing and Distractions! 
The sky is a sharp blue, there is no hint of wind or clouds, the birds are quarrelling on the bird table in the garden but the temperature outside is distinctly nippy. So the central heating is turned on constant and after reading my writing magazine I am fired with enthusiasm and I’m determined to carry on with my Dragons tale. BUT! First I need to load the washer, make a brew, check the headlines, have a choccy biscuit, make the bed and then my computer has decides to go ‘belly up.’ I go and get another drink whilst it recovers, count to ten and decide to write my blog first. Now I must decide on the music to listen to whilst writing – Jean Michel Jarre, Now I’ve realized it's feeding time! How I admire true writers who can shut out all of life’s distractions! I'll ignore the rumbling tum for half an hour and try my best to get focused. I'll let you know how it goes later - promise.


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Spring and the North South divide  
Spring is on it's way, the crocuses (or should it be Crocii?)are out. The birds are looking out for nesting boxes and the days are sunnier and longer, well down here in Worthing at least. Today we had lunch on Littlehampton beach, well okay not ON the beach but sat in the car overlooking the beach. There were brave souls walking along the beach and promenade but I didn't feel that brave (or daft enough) yet! I spoke to my niece, Wendy, in Lancashire on the phone earlier today and by all accounts the weather sounds wet, windy and earlier in the week they had snow! I do love visiting Lancashire and seeing all my old 'haunts' and I sometimes think I would love to live up there again but then I recall the weather. I have not too fond memories of walking to school in the teeming rain, being 'blown' around Chorley market and also I recall how the draughts could find their way around any window or under any door. I don't think my creaky joints could stand it now. But then I remember Mushy peas, Eccles cakes, the view from the top of Rivington Pike and the miles of sand at Southport, and I think perhaps I wouldn't mind! Here in Worthing we have planks of wood littering our beaches I believe in Blackpool it's choccy biscuits, you even get superior class of marine salvage in Lancashire! Not that any of them would be edible.

Well I really don't know whether Lancs or Sussex is the better - I suppose they both have their good points and at least if I'm sat here full of nostalgia for Lancashire I'm not cold, wet or snowed in! So I'll settle for Sunny Sussex.

Tomorrow is Pancake day so I'm off to count my lemons!!


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I try to avoid housework at all costs but do hate living in a mess and today decided that to avoid this situation I really had to knuckle down to it! The ironing pile resembled a mountain and the dust layer upstairs seemed to be growing by the day! Trouble is the rooms I haven't 'attacked' today seem messier than before. I'm certain that each house contains a certain amount of dust and general crud that we women spend our lives relocating and never really eliminating, so I ask my self why do I bother? But I will say I'm feeling quite pleased with myself that I actually knuckled down to it (So to speak). Plus the weather outside has been absolutely appalling so I'm kidding myself that the next time the sun shines I can go out and not feel like I should be at home doing the chores!


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Bird Boxes 
Well Murphy's law has been very much in evidence here in gloomy Sussex this week. As I had a bird table that is well visited by feathered friends I decided to go the whole hog and buy a bird box. As is usual for me I went to buy one item and came away from the garden centre with more! I bought both a Tit box and a Robin box. Then the other half, being the 'techy bod' he is suggested a bird cam. When the two infra red cameras, computer interface 'thingy' and bits and bobs were all priced up we were looking at 300 quid so decided against it just in case the birds decided not to inhabit them. So the boxes were put in place on Friday and guess what! Yup, you've guessed, two blue tits were seen in the Tit box on Monday! Mind you it was comical to watch, they both went in, then one came out, sat on a post at the end of the garden and seemed to be viewing the neighbourhood. Shortly the second one came out and they swapped places. After a good viewing of the area they went back inside for a few minutes then flew off. I expect they are now looking at schools in the area for their offspring!
:fgh: =))

I now must get round to putting the four shrubs, I bought at the same time, into the front garden!

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