John Wasn't 
The Brighton Dragons

John wasn’t sure that he’d ever had to make such a difficult decision. He looked around him; he had always lived here in this alley with his partner, Bronwyn. Well food was plentiful, night life was fascinating and Brighton was an excellent address. The Chinese takeaway provided an ample diet for a pair of faerie dragons. It seemed a life time ago since his Chinese cousin had found him this place but something was making him restless. He couldn’t explain what it was.
‘Come on old girl, time to move on’, he spread his wings and Bronwyn followed.
The sun was rising as they soared into the cloudless sky.
‘Please - just one more look at our homeland’ begged Bronwyn ‘I don’t know whether I’m up to leaving’
‘Okay old girl’ they landed on the end of the pier.
He looked at her thinking to himself, well she is 99, which in dragon years was ‘getting on a bit’ and he had noticed that lately, rather strangely, her scales were darkening. They rested on the end of the pier and looked back towards their home on the seafront.
Bronwyn gasped. The large demolition ball hit the regency building with one massive blow and it shuddered before the south wall crumbled to the earth.
John realised that’s why he’d felt so restless of late, his sixth sense had finally come in useful. Just then Bronwyn gasped again, ‘John look!’
He turned toward her; they were sat atop the dodgems. There in the folds of the canvas were two golden eggs.
‘Why didn’t you say?’ asked John
‘I didn’t know’ Bronwyn blushed even darker.
Words failed John. Why hadn’t he realised - two years she’d complained of feeling ‘peaky’, her scales darkening, and her cravings for Prawn Crackers. Sixty five years together and still he couldn’t understand the female of the species. He supposed now they would have to get used to a diet of fish, chips and candy floss. It wouldn’t be good for his middle aged dragon’s waistline. Still he could always go jogging again on the cliffs at Seven Sisters, or even a few laps of Preston Park, he could reminisce on his courting days there with Bronwyn.
He put his wing round her shoulder, ‘I think we’ve got a nest to build.
Good job I decided it was time to move on, he mused, I had hoped to go somewhat further but I’m sure we’ll blend in well here.