John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Writing Vs Housework 
Well I'm sorry about that I never did add another entry - I really did have a good day of writing and the dragon story moves onward. Chapter seven is in progress. I expect when I've finished and read the story all the way through I will realize what a load of drivel I have written. It is great escapism though! Beats doing the housework any day - but there again anything beats doing the housework. I have a fridge magnet which quotes,'Doing housework is like threading beads onto a string with no knot on the end.' How true, I find I clean and tidy one room only to turn round and notice another room that needs the attention of the hoover and a duster! Not to mention the garden. When I was going out to work I just seemed to get 'stuck into' the cleaning etc. on my days off but I find the more time I have the more I find an excuse to put it off till tomorrow. I have to many more important or more enjoyable things to fill my time. I have no chance of getting bored in my retirement.


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