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Sixty Years

Spring and the North South divide  
Spring is on it's way, the crocuses (or should it be Crocii?)are out. The birds are looking out for nesting boxes and the days are sunnier and longer, well down here in Worthing at least. Today we had lunch on Littlehampton beach, well okay not ON the beach but sat in the car overlooking the beach. There were brave souls walking along the beach and promenade but I didn't feel that brave (or daft enough) yet! I spoke to my niece, Wendy, in Lancashire on the phone earlier today and by all accounts the weather sounds wet, windy and earlier in the week they had snow! I do love visiting Lancashire and seeing all my old 'haunts' and I sometimes think I would love to live up there again but then I recall the weather. I have not too fond memories of walking to school in the teeming rain, being 'blown' around Chorley market and also I recall how the draughts could find their way around any window or under any door. I don't think my creaky joints could stand it now. But then I remember Mushy peas, Eccles cakes, the view from the top of Rivington Pike and the miles of sand at Southport, and I think perhaps I wouldn't mind! Here in Worthing we have planks of wood littering our beaches I believe in Blackpool it's choccy biscuits, you even get superior class of marine salvage in Lancashire! Not that any of them would be edible.

Well I really don't know whether Lancs or Sussex is the better - I suppose they both have their good points and at least if I'm sat here full of nostalgia for Lancashire I'm not cold, wet or snowed in! So I'll settle for Sunny Sussex.

Tomorrow is Pancake day so I'm off to count my lemons!!


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