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Well I now know how to put pictures on this site so be warned - any family member whose photo I have in my possession is at danger of being embarrassed! I've started off with two of my son - his first camping trip and his first radio contact! It could have been his first bath but I'm not that evil.
More will be added soon so keep watching. I'm now off down to the local DSS office to TRY and get a pension forecast from them - they sent me one but it missed a big chunk of working life out. They then acknowledged that I had been working those years but despite asking them twice for another forecast I'm still waiting. (18 months later!).


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Today has been a lovely day - spring is springing! Went up to Highdown Gardens at lunch time and took a picnic lunch. It's the first proper chance I have had to take some macros with my new camera (Birthday pressie!), they really do look good. I do wish Hellebores would turn their faces to the sun instead of growing in downward facing clumps, they are such lovely flowers. I will post one of the pictures here when I've worked out how! Just wish I could keep up with technology.

We came back from Highdown and I spent the afternoon in my garden, generally tidying and filling in the empty spaces in the garden (Only a couple). I had 3 Dicentras (AKA Bleeding Heart) that I got from Wilkinsons earlier in the weekto put in. They are so attractive when they flower and return year after year. I am also pleased that I took loads of Geranium cuttings last year and they have survived and are now looking healthy. I usually go out each year and buy new ones but it was so easy I don't know why I didn't do it earlier! While working in the garden and out at highdown I was amazed to see quite a few bumble bees and even a couple of butterflies I'm sure they are early.

Gosh just read through this and realised that I have wibbled on for an age! Never mind - the Chinese takeaway is beckoning me.

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