John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Day 18  
Well I am now over half way on my quest to write 50,000 words in the month of November. The problem is we are now well over half way through the month. So today I am determined to play catch up! I am still going back on myself to right the wrongs! My best one yet was to send two blokes into a dark cavern without a torch and then three of them emerged! I just had to go and give the poor blokes torches and get them rescue another character in the story that had gone missing! Well at least that was another loose end tied up!
If you remember this is my first draft I will share one of my favourite passages of yesterday:-
There in front of them was another dragon, bronze in colour, wearing a monocle, deerstalker hat and a long black leather overcoat with gold coloured buttons down the front. Each button was adorned with a coat of arms. She stepped forward, ‘You must be another member of the Jewel family.
The dragon bent towards her very slightly and in a very soft lilting voice asked ‘How would you know that little girl?
Because that crest is the Jewel family crest Jonus has it above his bed in there, she pointed toward the bed chamber.’ Her Dad poked her in the back. He stepped forward ‘who might you be?’
The dragon offered a paw, ‘
‘Donnan Diamond and you must be a good friend to Jonus to try and protect his property like this.
‘Aw you are Jonus’s little brother the one that went missing! Ruby told us about you. I’m very pleased to meet you I’m Ellie and this is my Dad Alfy to you. Do you know that Jonus is very ill?’
‘One thing at a time little girl I am not sure what Ruby has told you but I never exactly went missing. My crime I’m afraid was that I fell in love with a Fire Breathing Dragon and made the mistake of getting her in the family way.
Well Here I go again another few thousand words today!

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