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Bird Boxes 
Well Murphy's law has been very much in evidence here in gloomy Sussex this week. As I had a bird table that is well visited by feathered friends I decided to go the whole hog and buy a bird box. As is usual for me I went to buy one item and came away from the garden centre with more! I bought both a Tit box and a Robin box. Then the other half, being the 'techy bod' he is suggested a bird cam. When the two infra red cameras, computer interface 'thingy' and bits and bobs were all priced up we were looking at 300 quid so decided against it just in case the birds decided not to inhabit them. So the boxes were put in place on Friday and guess what! Yup, you've guessed, two blue tits were seen in the Tit box on Monday! Mind you it was comical to watch, they both went in, then one came out, sat on a post at the end of the garden and seemed to be viewing the neighbourhood. Shortly the second one came out and they swapped places. After a good viewing of the area they went back inside for a few minutes then flew off. I expect they are now looking at schools in the area for their offspring!
:fgh: =))

I now must get round to putting the four shrubs, I bought at the same time, into the front garden!

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