John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Creative Writing and Distractions! 
The sky is a sharp blue, there is no hint of wind or clouds, the birds are quarrelling on the bird table in the garden but the temperature outside is distinctly nippy. So the central heating is turned on constant and after reading my writing magazine I am fired with enthusiasm and I’m determined to carry on with my Dragons tale. BUT! First I need to load the washer, make a brew, check the headlines, have a choccy biscuit, make the bed and then my computer has decides to go ‘belly up.’ I go and get another drink whilst it recovers, count to ten and decide to write my blog first. Now I must decide on the music to listen to whilst writing – Jean Michel Jarre, Now I’ve realized it's feeding time! How I admire true writers who can shut out all of life’s distractions! I'll ignore the rumbling tum for half an hour and try my best to get focused. I'll let you know how it goes later - promise.


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