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Sixty Years

Modern Cars! Hmmph! 
Yesterday I drove the 300 miles between Worthing and Blackburn to get my ‘Lancashire Fix.’ Six miles into the journey I suddenly realise that technology is moving backwards where cars are concerned. I remember not so long ago when all cars had a little orange light on each corner that would flash whenever the driver changed direction. Not any more apparently. Whenever I left a comfortable gap between me and the vehicle in front the driver on my near side felt duty bound to fill that gap. Without the aid of these now extinct orange lights it got a bit dodgy at times.
I think there must be a new national sport developing here as the gap was usually occupied just as I was about level with the offender! I lost count of the number of tail end shunts I saw along the way. (Honest!) The best one I think was five cars in the outside lane of the M6 all damaged because they had obviously been driving too close together when someone decided to partake of this ‘national sport.’ What was reassuring though was the road designers are obviously determined to stop this by replacing all the Armco Barriers with very solid concrete barriers. One assumes this is so the said offenders bounce nicely off and hit poor innocents minding their own business driving along safely. I think it must be part of a greater plan to decrease the number of vehicles on the now busy roads.

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