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Sixty Years

I try to avoid housework at all costs but do hate living in a mess and today decided that to avoid this situation I really had to knuckle down to it! The ironing pile resembled a mountain and the dust layer upstairs seemed to be growing by the day! Trouble is the rooms I haven't 'attacked' today seem messier than before. I'm certain that each house contains a certain amount of dust and general crud that we women spend our lives relocating and never really eliminating, so I ask my self why do I bother? But I will say I'm feeling quite pleased with myself that I actually knuckled down to it (So to speak). Plus the weather outside has been absolutely appalling so I'm kidding myself that the next time the sun shines I can go out and not feel like I should be at home doing the chores!


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Bird Boxes 
Well Murphy's law has been very much in evidence here in gloomy Sussex this week. As I had a bird table that is well visited by feathered friends I decided to go the whole hog and buy a bird box. As is usual for me I went to buy one item and came away from the garden centre with more! I bought both a Tit box and a Robin box. Then the other half, being the 'techy bod' he is suggested a bird cam. When the two infra red cameras, computer interface 'thingy' and bits and bobs were all priced up we were looking at 300 quid so decided against it just in case the birds decided not to inhabit them. So the boxes were put in place on Friday and guess what! Yup, you've guessed, two blue tits were seen in the Tit box on Monday! Mind you it was comical to watch, they both went in, then one came out, sat on a post at the end of the garden and seemed to be viewing the neighbourhood. Shortly the second one came out and they swapped places. After a good viewing of the area they went back inside for a few minutes then flew off. I expect they are now looking at schools in the area for their offspring!
:fgh: =))

I now must get round to putting the four shrubs, I bought at the same time, into the front garden!

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The Gloom Returns! 
Well the gloom has returned once again but yesterday was a real treat, you could almost have mistaken it for a spring day! We walked out to Seaford Headand Seven Sister to peruse the view. When I've taken the photos off the camera I'll put a couple up here. The wood from the Ice Prince doesn't seem to have 'infected' the beach there as it has in Worthing. There were a couple of planks to be seen but nothing else. Mind you, I suppose, the locals could have been quicker at gathering it up than the inhabitants of Worthing. Not that it can be of much use after spending some time in the water!

Well my car is in for a service today so there is no avoiding the housework! I just hope it isn't too expensive or I may have to think about alternative transport.

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Motivation and time - time and motion! 
Well there is a funny orange globe in the sky, AKA the sun, and I can feel hibernation mode coming to an end! The weather has been so gloomy and 'sit upon' of late it's been difficult to get motivated to do anything. To help me focus I sat and compiled a list of things to do then promptly lost it!

Time is still bothering me as well. the old adage goes that the older you get the faster it whizzes by. When you're younger you here the older generation come out with pearls of wisdom like that and think to yourself, 'Barmy old bugger,' or words to that effect. while i can now state that I am rapidly becoming a barmy old bugger. It's nearly the end of January - where did that go and February is such a short month and as Easter is so early this year I'll soon be counting the daffs in the garden! Well as it is so bright out there I'm off to the garden centre to get some motivation for that 'department' and get into motion!

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Where do the days go? I'll tell you where - they whizz by in a mingle of housework, shopping and writing other things besides blogs.

I am at the moment writing a longer story about the dragons that inhabit a park somewhere in Lancashire. Those who know me will soon work out where this park actually is! I have been brave, foolish or whatever and put the first drafts of the first four chapters up on this page in the hope that I may get some constructive, or even destructive, criticism.

Basically they are a family of fairy dragons whose ancestor’s role in life was to transport fairies but as fairies have now become extinct they have moved onto ‘looking after’ the children who play in the park. Living in the old ice house the head of the family is Jonus, an emerald green dragon, who moved over from Ireland at the height of the potato famine. His wife Ruby Rhubarb is of Spanish descent. Their only son is Aragon. Also living in the park, in a disused phone box, is Sancho, orphan friend of Aragon. Two young girls Ellie and Jane meet the dragons and are invited to Sancho’s 150th birthday party. They soon realise, as they get to know the dragons better, that life is not as idyllic as it might be for fairy dragons!

Do read but remember it is a FIRST draft so any comments or feedback are welcome. Keep watching the story will become more colourful as do dragons as they grow!

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