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Sixty Years

Where do the days go? I'll tell you where - they whizz by in a mingle of housework, shopping and writing other things besides blogs.

I am at the moment writing a longer story about the dragons that inhabit a park somewhere in Lancashire. Those who know me will soon work out where this park actually is! I have been brave, foolish or whatever and put the first drafts of the first four chapters up on this page in the hope that I may get some constructive, or even destructive, criticism.

Basically they are a family of fairy dragons whose ancestor’s role in life was to transport fairies but as fairies have now become extinct they have moved onto ‘looking after’ the children who play in the park. Living in the old ice house the head of the family is Jonus, an emerald green dragon, who moved over from Ireland at the height of the potato famine. His wife Ruby Rhubarb is of Spanish descent. Their only son is Aragon. Also living in the park, in a disused phone box, is Sancho, orphan friend of Aragon. Two young girls Ellie and Jane meet the dragons and are invited to Sancho’s 150th birthday party. They soon realise, as they get to know the dragons better, that life is not as idyllic as it might be for fairy dragons!

Do read but remember it is a FIRST draft so any comments or feedback are welcome. Keep watching the story will become more colourful as do dragons as they grow!

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