John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Motivation and time - time and motion! 
Well there is a funny orange globe in the sky, AKA the sun, and I can feel hibernation mode coming to an end! The weather has been so gloomy and 'sit upon' of late it's been difficult to get motivated to do anything. To help me focus I sat and compiled a list of things to do then promptly lost it!

Time is still bothering me as well. the old adage goes that the older you get the faster it whizzes by. When you're younger you here the older generation come out with pearls of wisdom like that and think to yourself, 'Barmy old bugger,' or words to that effect. while i can now state that I am rapidly becoming a barmy old bugger. It's nearly the end of January - where did that go and February is such a short month and as Easter is so early this year I'll soon be counting the daffs in the garden! Well as it is so bright out there I'm off to the garden centre to get some motivation for that 'department' and get into motion!

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