John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Bongo Pimping! 
We got our Minniebago (AKA Mazda Bongo, AKA Ford Freda), joined the Bongo Fury club, read the forum, went to the Bongo Bash and were in awe of how others spend hours and pounds pimping their vehicles. But alas we are now being 'sucked in'. On the hottest day of the year so far Geoff (My other half) has spent the day in the midday sun fitting an awning, and adding a camera to the front of Minnie to ensure she goes safely under height barriers! Tomorrow we are expecting the delivery of the back rack and storage box and I expect the sun will again be baking again as we spend ages sweating over the instructions and spanners!. Murphy's law will come into play shortly and as soon as we plan our next trip the sun will disappear never to be seen again!

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