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Sixty Years

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:fgh: Where did those weeks go? I'll tell you - First the server died big time so I couldn't add an entry, then numerous ear infections (Why does it take the doctors so long to admit that YES there are times when antibiotics ARE needed, you think they would admit defeat after 3 courses of ear drops but NO it took 4 courses of drops and numerous weeks before I had one course of antibiotics and guess what - cured)

Then it was off to Northumberland for a holiday & another trip up to Lancashire (I'll expand on that next time!). Then there was my creative writing classes- I am now well into my tale of Jonus Jewel and Ruby Rhubarb. They are two dragons who inhabit a park and have kept a watchful eye over generations of children who play there. Jonus is of Irish descent, leaving Ireland at the height of the potato famine and Ruby is of Spanish descent. They are Faerie Dragons and generally gentle souls unlike the fire breathing dragons who it is rumoured are scheming to get their hands on the faerie dragons fortunes.

I have also written a number of short stories, but like any skill it takes practice so I must become more disciplined and learn to sit down and get the words onto the page! The aim is to write something everyday even if it is only a blog entry so watch this space!

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