John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Come and visit me! 
Husbands can be useful at times! After 35 years of marriage he has really proved his worth this week!! He has been ferreting away sprucing up my blog page. If you look above there is a 360 panorama of my writing room if you click and drag you can spin around the room, go up and down and scroll in for a closer look. (Use your mouse wheel if you have one!). Seasickness pills are recommended. The numerous pictures on the wall are old family photos. The dream Catcher above my desk is there to stop any dreams escaping through the window! Please let me know if you can not view it properly, either via face book or contact me link on the right hand side.
Once again thanks to the computer guru who abides up in the attic - if you look closely you can see the ladder!

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