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Sixty Years

Travels 2011 
I have decided to stop ‘faffing’ about and get on with my Blog.
A little often is better than nothing at all so my Other Half tells me! :-oo We have had a brilliant summer (Well NOT weather wise) travelling in our Minniebago. We set off in April with a visit to Mendip Height Caravan and camping club site – Brilliant cider and home baked Croissants are offered here. Plus I get to mooch around the town of Glastonbury which I love for its very interesting shops and characters!

After Glastonbury it was onto Bryn Gloch in Wales to meet up with other Bongonauts (Mazda bongo owners like ourselves) The weather for Wales was amazing – and the location of the campsite was good. Yes it was out in the sticks but scenery was lovely! We hoped the weather was a sign of things to come!;)
Now all I need to do is to work out how to get sensible sized pics on here!

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