John Wasn't
Sixty Years

I'm sat here listening to 'northern' music courtesy of Kate Rusby. I sat earlier this evening watching Christine's Garden on BBC2 - she visited Lancashire and reminisced on her past(Not too unlike mine). What is it about age that makes you wonder about the past? Is it something to do with the lack of hormones or the prospect that tomorrows are getting fewer than yesterdays - who knows! Perhaps it's the fact that it's easier looking backwards over your shoulder than looking into the future! Perhaps I really am a born again coward and stick with the things that I know are safe and cosy!!

Less of this maudling(as they say in Lancashire) - I'm off to surf the net for Stannah stair lifts, Saga holidays, comfortable footwear, bath cubicles that I can bathe in whilst wearing my dressing gown, Terry Wogan's TOGs and a cure for my creaky knees!!! ---------- Ohh and a subscription to the Red Hat Society!!! I'm not giving in gracefully!

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