John Wasn't
Sixty Years

Writing and research 

I am now 10,000 words into my dragon story and waiting for my brain to seize up! So far it's all going smoothly but then it has been three or four years in the planning! It is such escapism but at times I almost lose touch with reality!
This morning I decided to ‘goggle’ herbal medicine and ended up looking at patterns for Magick Robes! Apparently according to the website the herbal remedies listed there didn’t work unless one was wearing ones Magick robe whilst mixing them! I have also discovered where the Yorkshire Dragons may live! Bagshawe Cavern looks the perfect place for a family of Faerie Dragons. The cavern was discovered by lead miners in 1806, when it was known as the Mulespinner Mine. The entrance is covered by a small stone building which is used as a changing room. Must send out a search party!
Ahhhh well; off now to do a ‘bit’ of housework then its back to the keyboard.


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