John Wasn't
Sixty Years

For sometime now I've dreamt of becoming a successful blogger leading onto a sucessful writer but I've fallen at the first hurdle! I have this problem remembering - just remembering - no it's not the menopause or Alzheimers disease I have always had the ability to forget! Where I've left my keys, where I put the drug charts (When Nursing) - where I left my homework (When at school) but thankfully nothing of dire importance - I've managed not to lose the son or the car (Yet!)

So how has this affected my blogging and writing I hear you ask. Firstly I forget the password to enter a new blog then I forget my user name and then I simply forget to add new blogs and everytime I do remember I'm amazed at how long it's taken me to remember!

My dream of becoming a successful writer is also thwarted by my lack of memory. I've decided on my subject. As I have spent the last five years or so climbing my family tree and discovering enough material to fill volumes I honestly cannot remember any historical dates or facts!! How can I possibly relate a story concerning my great great grandfather or even my granfather if I cannot recall who was on the throne or prime minister at the time! I've even drawn up an imaginary family tree of the Gissmoe family to solve this problem - all I need now is a imagination akin to that of Terry Pratchett or Tolkien! But then again it is fiction not fact I want to write so perhaps I really don't need to worry about the amnesia. All I need to worry about is the lack of imagination!

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