John Wasn't
Sixty Years

The large gap in blog entries is because we now have our motor home and we have been busy getting all the bits and bobs!
It's not so much a Winnebago - more a Minnebago! (Thanks Ian for the suggestion -she suits the name Minnie!)
Well actually she is a Ford Freda AKA Mazda Bongo.
I must admit to exaggerating a little (OK quite a lot!) in my last blog but I'm not called Evil Edna for nothing! *-))))))G

The Japanese certainly know how to produce and look after their cars if we had bought a 10-year-old British Car, it would not have electric blinds, electric windows, and mirrors that tuck themselves away, and it would not have been so well cared for with only 42k miles on the clock.

I am now busy learning a whole new language, Grey Water, Zig unit, awnings and figure of eights! But I must say Im really chuffed with it, the beds seem comfy, I will confirm that when we have had our first night bongoing!
The fridge is keeping our drinks nice and cool and the driving of it is so easy so far! Lets just hope the price of petrol doesn't keep climbing at the rate it has recently!

The photo above was taken at the top of Portsdown hill - a beautiful view over Portsmouth and the Solent.

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