John Wasn't
Sixty Years

PHEW! I made the decision this morning to add a blog - it only took nine attempts to log in! I just couldn't recall my login details! Old age is definitely creeping up on me slowly. Right now Iím into this letís be getting on with it.

Iíve just looked out the window at the weather and realised spring is on its way, there are hailstones the size of marbles hitting the window! It is also Lent and I know itís usual to give something up for lent but Iíve decided that seems a bit negative so Iím taking something up instead!

Iíve resolved to TRY and write a blog everyday! My problem is that I read other blogs and everyone else seems to have a far more interesting life and is much more adept at writing. Since writing my last blog, over a year ago, I have started attending a creative writing course which Iím thoroughly enjoying. I am convinced that everyone else on the course can produce much better work than me but the exchange of ideas and inspirations keeps me going! The amount of y writing varies wildly each week. I did really well this week until my pc went with a crack last night and emitted a smell of burning! Perhaps it was the short story I had just completed about a family of dragons living in Brighton!

Sadly like the majority of people I am convinced I have an original idea for a novel. This is as a result of eight years of delving into my family history. Climbing back through 12 generations I found some branches proved to be interesting and full of tales to be told whilst many were simply downright boring. Also whilst climbing my tree I have trawled through what seems like hundreds of details on various censuses, those in themselves leave you speechless. I never realized that baby farmer could be an occupation or that you could become a retired prince! Some of the stories I have uncovered do not belong on my tree, some do though and I felt they were too interesting and deserved to be recorded. But documenting these stories is not an easy task I fear but Iím determined to have a go.
Well the sun is out now so Iím off to the Ďboringí tasks of the day. The new power supply for my pc is on order and should arrive tomorrow!

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