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Garden Centres 
As today was still spring like I'm still busy planning what I'm going to do with the garden this year, so it was a visit to a garden centre that was on today’s agenda. A very slow drive with the rest of West Sussex over towards Brighton race course took us to one, where we found plenty of Mother’s day gifts, Easter bunnies, obscure sauces, pickles and a book department covering everything from alternative remedies to mythology but no cold frames which is what I was really looking for. No we are not supposed to buy cold frames any more, just ‘plug plants’ or better still polystyrene packed ready nurtured plants. I will hand it to them they were selling plastic greenhouses but they weren’t big enough to swing a cat in. I have memories of my Dad ‘hiding’ in his greenhouse for hours puffing on his pipe. He would have asphyxiated inside five minutes in the models we saw today. I'll keep looking for the cold frame and resist the urge to be wowed by the ready nurtured plants.

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I now know how to add pictures to my blog (I think). My other half in his wisdom has decided to install the latest version of this blogging software which has more features which means there is now even more to get my poor old grey matter round! Just when I think I have got to grips with something I'm sure him in the loft gets some sort of evil pleasure from confusing me even more, which I admit is not hard! I really haven't got much time to wibble tonight I have to work out how to make thumbnails of pictures I want to include and how to add emoticons. Does anyone know what fried brains smells like?


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Today has been a lovely day - spring is springing! Went up to Highdown Gardens at lunch time and took a picnic lunch. It's the first proper chance I have had to take some macros with my new camera (Birthday pressie!), they really do look good. I do wish Hellebores would turn their faces to the sun instead of growing in downward facing clumps, they are such lovely flowers. I will post one of the pictures here when I've worked out how! Just wish I could keep up with technology.

We came back from Highdown and I spent the afternoon in my garden, generally tidying and filling in the empty spaces in the garden (Only a couple). I had 3 Dicentras (AKA Bleeding Heart) that I got from Wilkinsons earlier in the weekto put in. They are so attractive when they flower and return year after year. I am also pleased that I took loads of Geranium cuttings last year and they have survived and are now looking healthy. I usually go out each year and buy new ones but it was so easy I don't know why I didn't do it earlier! While working in the garden and out at highdown I was amazed to see quite a few bumble bees and even a couple of butterflies I'm sure they are early.

Gosh just read through this and realised that I have wibbled on for an age! Never mind - the Chinese takeaway is beckoning me.

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My Forgetter 
Not only is grumpiness setting in but forgetfulness rules! I nearly forgot to do this today, so I then found myself writing BLOG in three inch high letters on a piece of paper! I love the poem that starts:-

My forgetter's getting better
But my rememberer is broke
To you that may seem funny
But, to me, that is no joke

I can so understand it, plus - I believe in the here after, I'm always walking into a room and thinking 'What am I here after?' There again I don't forget the important things in life, I went clothes shopping today, but the less said about that the better.

I'll write this earlier in the day tomorrow when I'm not so addled, as they say in Lancashire. Tatty bye for now.

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Gardening & Food Shopping 
Today saw this first visit from our gardener to mow the lawn. I don't think it ever really stopped growing this year. It certainly needed a trim and now looks better for it. The daffs,crocuses and snowdrops are all in full bloom. The sun is getting warmer and my mood is lifting, that is until I have to do the gardening! Over the winter we seem to have cultivated a healthy crop of Celandines! Well it sounds more up market than buttercups but to my untrained eye they look the same!

Did the weekly trudge to Sainsbugs today and at the risk of sounding a grumpy old woman again the choice of everything is increasing by the week. In the good old days milk was milk. Now there's pasteurised, sterilized,ultra high temperature, homogenized, 1.5% half cream milk, skimmed, semi-skimmed, Protein-enriched fat free skimmed milk, vitamin D-fortified milk, lactose-reduced milk, soya milk and so it goes on! Then you walk round the corner to buy some sugar and once again you are greeted by endless varieties! Then onto the Coca Cola! Once again the array is endless but guess what - the Sainsbugs basic sugar free Cola is behind a pillar on the top shelf and for those of us who are vertically challenged it then takes me ages to find an elusive assistant to get one for me!

Perhaps I'll try clothes shopping tomorrow!

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