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Sixty Years

Snow in Sussex 

Well after visiting Lancashire and admiring the snow up there it must have 'followed us home' to Sussex. Last Sunday we had quite a covering here in Worthing. But by time we went out on Monday it had already started disappearing from the downs. The above pano was taken from 'Jack and Jill' windmills to the north of Brighton. Today I've been out in the garden putting in my Sweet Peas and it was really warm in the sun . This weather is really unpredictable. I do like the way the press have stopped using the phrase global warming and have replaced it with the phrase climate change. I'm sorry but I for one am not convinced - I really don't think the records go back far enough for anyone to say that there is any significant changes. It is generally agreed that there have been three mini ice ages, beginning about 1650, about 1770, and 1850, each separated by slight warming intervals, but the scientists are still arguing and debating about those! I love the comment I heard the other day that weather forecasters are the only people who continually mess up their jobs but still manage not to get sacked! Me I'll just carry on taking the weather as it comes!

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