Summer is on it's way. 

Summer is on its way at last. I recently took the above pano of the very colourful beach huts along the seafront at Hove. For those of you who know us, NO that is not Geoff jogging along the seafront!

The other sign that summer is on its way is that we went out today and purchased a motor home. It is being 'bespoke' (so to speak) at present and delivery is expected in two weeks, which I am sure will add to the parking problems in our road but I am afraid I have reached that certain age in life when I do enjoy upsetting the apple cart. However, I was given the nickname of Evil Edna a good few years ago so it is not a recent trait I have acquired thinking about it! :qwe:

It will be interesting to watch and see how long it takes before one of the neighbours thinks gypsies have moved into the road or complains about me obliterating their daylight! Ho hum
The question now is - do we get a bike rack for the rear or just invest in a couple of scooters to get about locally on whilst on our travels.See it here

:yui: :yui:

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