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Sixty Years

Tidiness & B&Q!! 
Well what a busy weekend - finally 'sorted' my little 'den'. It will be interesting to see how long it stays 'ordered'.

Fought the battle at B&Qs and bought some shelves to put my books, dolls, CDs and all the other 'crud' of life on. Why is it when I go into B&Q and come out having purchased exactly what I wanted I really feel I've achieved something great! We also went there at the worst possible time - Sunday morning. The world and his cousin seem to have nothing better to do than go to B&Q and stand in front of me in the queue with twelve assorted items none of which possess a bar-code!! Then when the assistant has managed to ring up the items they then start the hunt for the plastic and argue with 'the other half' which bit of plastic isn't over the limit.

On returning home you can bet your life you've either forgotten the vital packet of screws or there isn't a drill bit the correct size in the huge case of ten dozen screw bits that a caring relative bought for you for christmas. Worse still there is one gap in the moulded plastic - Guess which one is missing - yes it's bound to be the one that is vital so you have to return for one solitary item and end up in a queue behind a guy with two trollies full of enough material to rebuild the Brighton pier!!!

As the den is now sorted and tidy lets see if it can stay this way and if helps 'clear the mind' as well!

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Life and Aliens 
Well I'm testing this to see if I really can become a 'blogger' and so far so good.
I could ramble on and on for hours about nothing in particular and bore the pants off you but I had better keep it short ..... oh yes and sweet!

Must be off and have breakfast, read the paper, do the crossword and decide what to do with the day. One thing I won't be doing is the sudoka in the Independent. I am convinced they have been invented by an alien life form to distract us humans whilst they take over the planet!! Perhaps I ought to warn Terry Wogan he could organize the togs into some sort of Alien Wardens - bring back the Land Army!!!

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First Blog post 
Well this is the first posting for a quick test of the facilities.

This could go on for ever but we will keep it short.

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