Food Prices 
Why is it some days everything irritates? I’ve been full of grumps and groans this week. The ‘media’ inform us regularly of the inflation figures but sorry guys I don’t believe you. The BBC recently stated (I quote) ‘However, food prices rose by 1.4%, despite recent fierce competition between the main supermarket chains.’ Well I shop with two of the major supermarkets and week in week out the cost of my food bill is rocketing. Items do not increase by the odd few pence any more but 20 or 30 pence, then to add insult to injury the size of the packets is decreasing. A regular deal is three packs of meat for £10. When this deal started the pack size was 500g then it decreased to 454g now its 400g. So I end up getting 20% less meat for my money. Earlier in the week I decided to make a pork casserole (It was yummy). The pack size was 660g and 260g of this was pure fat. I weighed it when I’d removed it. I’m seriously considering becoming a vegetarian but then again who know what they spray on crops these days! Speaking of which don’t they inject pigs with antibiotics? Maybe I’ll just stop eating!

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