Time! A very strange commodity 

Time has always fascinated me. We measure it in seconds, minutes, hours, days etc, but when it comes to the actual thing it seems to be so variable. I like the quotation “Time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once”. There is no fear of that happening with me lately. I honestly cannot believe it has been six months, almost to the day, since I wrote my last blog. I must get motivated! I’ve developed a lot of ideas for my Dragon Story but have I got it down on paper? You guessed, NO. I suppose other things have distracted me, Christmas, two visits to Lancashire, and many many hours waiting for hospital appointments, test results, surgery and finally Radiotherapy to ‘see off’, a nasty lump! But my visits to Lancashire whizzed by in a flurry whereas the waits to see various doctors seemed endless.

It also seems unbelievable that we have owned our Ford Freda (AKA Mazda Bongo, AKA Minniebago) for over a year now. Towards the end of April we had our first night ‘out’ in her. We decided to take a tour around some Sussex villages, we visited Coolham, Slinfold, Rudgwick, Ellens Green, Cranleigh, Alford, Loxwood, all places in between and finally ended up at the Limeburners inn. This is a lovely place which serves good food at a reasonable price and also has the added attraction (Especially for me as the driver!) of a small but lovely camp site! We also were amazed by the many bluebells this year which seemed bluer than ever. It could have been the fact it was sunny which probably made them appear bluer. It also made for good photography and Geoff enjoyed creating some good panoramas . On the way home we discovered Shillinglee fisheries. Which was a very relaxing spot for those who enjoy fishing. Then we decided to head to Blackdown Hill but as it was a very hot day I'm afraid we didn't quite make it to the very top! Finally it was on to Duncton Hill to survey the views from there!

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