Is it a sign of age I wonder when the weather affects your mood so much? Perhaps itís a sign that I have too much time to sit and look out of the window. Yesterday morning the sun was shining, washing blowing nicely on the line and all in the world was hunky dory, even when the hailstones from nowhere were bouncing on the patio. Today itís gloomy and the rain mizzling down and so is the spirit. Roll on summer, I just hope the weather settles down because, it has seemed to me, this last year the weather has been unpredictable. There is one sunny day then the murk settles in again. Must stop grumbling, Iím giving my age away, grumpiness is also setting in!

It went to the creative writing workshop last night; my story of two faerie dragons living in Brighton went down really well. Once again I got some constructive criticism, positive comments and inspiration for more writing. Just hope the new power supply for my pc arrives this morning as promised and that it survives the open heart surgery.

Surgery complete :-)
Patient now in recovery room, awaiting a full disk scan if you care to reboot last thing tonight, that way you won't have to sit and stare at the sector count all day tomorrow;-)

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