Blooming Summer is on it's way! 

The sun has been glorious the last two days but as a nation we are never satisfied. If it rains itís too wet, if it doesnít rain us gardeners are moaning, when the temperature does go up its too hot for some. My garden at the moment looks like the weather has Ďgot it rightí for once. The roses are beginning to bloom, the sweet peas are just starting to climb up the trellis, the grape vine is looking promising this year, and the potatoes I planted are looking healthy. I thought Iíd take the above panorama then repeat the processes at a later date to see how everything is coming along.

Listening to Radio two this morning the strange phenomenon of how us women like to clean the house and do the ironing before we go away on holiday was being discussed. I must confess to this odd trait. Before we consider starting on our Bongo travels this year I have a 'To Do' list of really important little tasks.

Iíve completed five today so at this rate it wonít take long but I do admit itís a bit sad really! Iím just off now to find the list and make it six!
looooo -0-0-0-!)))

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