Punting up The River Cam! 
We set off Thursday – travelling via Hatfield Forest for lunch. Although it was busy there was plenty of space for everyone and it was lovely to see children enjoying a good ‘old fashioned’ day out picnicking and playing in the woods. We then carried on to the Cambridge Caravan and camping club campsite booked in for two nights, had a cuppa and spent the afternoon visiting Anglesey Abbey. We enjoyed a walk in the sunshine beside the river! That evening certainly proved it was the calm before the storm we went back to the campsite cracked open a bottle of wine and sat watching the storm clouds gather, unfortunately we didn’t realize how much rain those clouds contained, we ended up with a moat round Minnie!

We have now also established that despite warnings in the instructions a Fiamma Awning can cope with a LOT of rain just as long as you make sure it is draining off. We also had another Bongo sited next door to us; the owners went out for the evening and returned unaware that at one stage they had a river flowing nicely under their Bongo. Behind Minnie a paddling pool had developed and of course it was not long before some children had discovered this new campsite facility!

I must add that once the rain had cleared I thought the wardens were very good, coming round making sure everyone was okay. I did feel sorry for one party of campers who were bailing out water for quite some time.

Friday morning saw us heading off to explore Snettisham Beach & Kings Lynn.

Saturday morning we set off towards the village of Coveney for the cix Barbie with Tim,Marcia & animals. We enjoyed a good day despite the rain – the food and company were first rate. Their dog Sampson was a very friendly animal with incredibly pleading eyes. Too pleading in fact, he was fitted with a muzzle to stop him cadging food from guests. He did look sorry for himself!

Sunday it was back to the Cambridge campsite. The weather was sunny and windy and thankfully their was no moat supplied this time !

Monday saw us camping on a small Caravan club farm site in Thetford Forest. A agreeable almost sunny evening was spent enjoying a bottle of wine in the shade of a large Walnut Tree but next morning the rains returned, and we decided to head for home. You could say rain stopped play.

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