Bongoliers are we! 
We have now 'gathered more of the necessities for our Minniebago and Geoff has taken his first Panorama of the inside of her.
(Doesn't Geoff look a happy chappy - perhaps it's something to do with his lack of feet! =)))
So last weekend we ventured out in Minnie to stay overnight near Swanage. We couldn't have chosen a better weekend weather wise. On the way there we decided to call in at Kingston Lacey but found it very busy as there was an MG owners 'meet' taking place. So decided to carry on. We were very lucky in our choice of camp site Herston Camp site, it was a lovely quiet camp site.

We had wondered how comfortable it would be to sleep in Minnie but we needn't have worried. I think the fresh air and a couple of drinks in the small camp site bar may have helped but it wasn't a problem. We had this wonderful idea of hitting the sack early (Well 11ish) and getting up earlier than usual but I only woke nearing 9ish so that theory was not to be! After breakfast we packed up, which seemed surprisingly faster than in the old days of having to take down a tent and pack it all up. Everything was stowed in the cupboards, roof down and it was done! Again the sun was shining as we ambled home slowly, stopping off in Swanage for 'Brunch'. Then as we went past the New Forest we called in at the Moors Valley Country Park which Im sure we will be visiting again. A lovely place - especially for children - the play trail looks interesting.

So after a very successful first mini trip in Minnie we are now busy planning the next. :-oo

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