Gardening & Food Shopping 
Today saw this first visit from our gardener to mow the lawn. I don't think it ever really stopped growing this year. It certainly needed a trim and now looks better for it. The daffs,crocuses and snowdrops are all in full bloom. The sun is getting warmer and my mood is lifting, that is until I have to do the gardening! Over the winter we seem to have cultivated a healthy crop of Celandines! Well it sounds more up market than buttercups but to my untrained eye they look the same!

Did the weekly trudge to Sainsbugs today and at the risk of sounding a grumpy old woman again the choice of everything is increasing by the week. In the good old days milk was milk. Now there's pasteurised, sterilized,ultra high temperature, homogenized, 1.5% half cream milk, skimmed, semi-skimmed, Protein-enriched fat free skimmed milk, vitamin D-fortified milk, lactose-reduced milk, soya milk and so it goes on! Then you walk round the corner to buy some sugar and once again you are greeted by endless varieties! Then onto the Coca Cola! Once again the array is endless but guess what - the Sainsbugs basic sugar free Cola is behind a pillar on the top shelf and for those of us who are vertically challenged it then takes me ages to find an elusive assistant to get one for me!

Perhaps I'll try clothes shopping tomorrow!

no No NO NO not clothes, try cloths there cheaper ;-)

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