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Writers Block 
The NaNoWriMo challenge to write 50,000 words during November sounded like a good idea when I signed up; now the attraction is starting to fade just a tad. I’m almost up to 20,000 words which sounds good but I’m starting to slow up and I am now about 1,500 words behind schedule. My problem is I have to keep going back on myself and correcting errors in the storyline and spelling! Old timers to the challenge advise just writing. According to them it is a first draft, which sounds fine but I’m frightened I am just churning out meaningless words. Also the website at NanoWriMo keeps ‘going down’ I just worry that if, no wait when, I have achieved 50,000 words I wont be able to download them to the site and get my winners badge. But I suppose my dragon story is moving on apace and that is what I really wanted out of the challenge! So first draft mistakes must stay if I am to move on!
Best passage so far is:-
‘Well ladies,’ Dr Owain addressed Ruby and the girls, ‘I am afraid it isn’t good. Years of pipe smoking has taken its toll on the old boy, he’s interlobes are completely clogged up.’ Dr Owain noticed the girls frowning, ‘They are the tubes between his lungs and his fire breathing chambers, because they never fully developed in the faerie dragons they become a problem in later years. Not helped by his pipe smoking. I am afraid he has Intermonia. Sorry Ruby.’ Both girls looked toward Ruby who was now holding onto the back of a chair.
‘Sit her down quick she’s gone pale!’ Ellie remembered her first aid training and added ‘put her head between her knees’.
Ruby slowly gradually deepened in colour but started to sob quietly muttering ‘My love what will I do?’

This is a reprint of the earlier entry as the 'Guru' who lives up in the loft had a problem with his fail safe back up system!!!

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Come and visit me! 
Husbands can be useful at times! After 35 years of marriage he has really proved his worth this week!! He has been ferreting away sprucing up my blog page. If you look above there is a 360° panorama of my writing room if you click and drag you can spin around the room, go up and down and scroll in for a closer look. (Use your mouse wheel if you have one!). Seasickness pills are recommended. The numerous pictures on the wall are old family photos. The dream Catcher above my desk is there to stop any dreams escaping through the window! Please let me know if you can not view it properly, either via face book or contact me link on the right hand side.
Once again thanks to the computer guru who abides up in the attic - if you look closely you can see the ladder!

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Day 10 
Day 10 of the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days and so far its going well. Almost 16,000 words done but I feel the enthusiasm lagging! It seemed such a good idea when I started but now the distractions are easier! Yesterday was planned as a full day of writing till an old work colleague, who I hadn’t seen in years, rang and the day transpired into a pub lunch, shopping and a catch up on gossip. Having said that it was lovely! So today is now the full writing day! I have a headache just thinking about it but here goes!.........


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Writing and research 

I am now 10,000 words into my dragon story and waiting for my brain to seize up! So far it's all going smoothly but then it has been three or four years in the planning! It is such escapism but at times I almost lose touch with reality!
This morning I decided to ‘goggle’ herbal medicine and ended up looking at patterns for Magick Robes! Apparently according to the website the herbal remedies listed there didn’t work unless one was wearing ones Magick robe whilst mixing them! I have also discovered where the Yorkshire Dragons may live! Bagshawe Cavern looks the perfect place for a family of Faerie Dragons. The cavern was discovered by lead miners in 1806, when it was known as the Mulespinner Mine. The entrance is covered by a small stone building which is used as a changing room. Must send out a search party!
Ahhhh well; off now to do a ‘bit’ of housework then its back to the keyboard.


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NaNoWriMo first day! 
Well so far the NaNoWriMo writing challenge is going really well. 2,395 words done, only another 47,605 to go! I stayed up until after midnight last night and managed 390ish before my head hit the keyboard and my brain went to mush! I am also in the process of trying to get to grips with Google plus. That is mind boggling! You sign up and create circles and all of a sudden WHOOSH - you have hundreds of contacts! Plus I have just got a new keyboard – A cherry keyboard, its very retro but nice to type on as it has ‘proper’ clicky keys. My only problem now is the other half can tell whether I am sat typing or idling away my time playing Farmville on Facebook! That reminds me my horses must need ‘mucking out’ by now!..........


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